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1968 was a year of huge social upheaval for the United States. In Heat and Light, host Phillip Martin goes deep into six key but lesser known stories from that year, guided by people who were personally affected by them. So much so that they have devoted their lives to studying the history of 1968 – and how it continues to shape our society today, 50 years later.

From the students who challenged their schools’ military connections and the tortured set up of American TV’s first interracial kiss to the roots of Silicon Valley and the beginning of the end of the “traditional” American family. What was just heat? What brought light, too?

“Like Slow Burn but for Black Power, student uprisings, anti-war actions and feminism.” –The Call Your Girlfriend podcast

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  1. Heat and Light Trailer Phillip Martin 1:28
  2. Revolution Starts on Campus Stefan M. Bradley, Michael Kazin 33:05
  3. Fear of a Non-nuclear Family Natasha Zaretsky 28:33
  4. An Interracial Kiss – on Another Planet Matthew Delmont 23:41
  5. Detroit is Burning Jeffrey Horner 23:14
  6. The Mother of All Demos Margaret O'Mara 25:13
  7. Why God Votes Republican Jill Gill 24:50
  8. The Left's Gift to Nixon Donald Critchlow 22:52

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    1. Revolution Starts on Campus – The student occupation of Columbia University.
    2. Fear of a Non-Nuclear Family – How a feminist protest of the 1968 Miss America pageant stoked conservative anxieties.
    3. An Interracial Kiss – on Another Planet – The significance of the first interracial kiss on American television.
    4. Detroit is Burning – Two native Detroiters discuss race in the North.
    5. The Mother of All Demos – The presentation that unveiled to the world the first mouse, and heralded the start of Silicon Valley.
    6. Why God Votes Republican – How the Vietnam War cost the Protestant left its political clout.
    7. The Left’s Gift to Nixon – How protests led to the revolt of the ‘forgotten man’.

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