• The Left’s Gift to Nixon

    1968 is the year that Richard Nixon won the White House — which Republicans would control for most of the next two decades — in addition to a year of protest on the left.

  • Why God Votes Republican

    In 1968, the Protestant Left lost its political clout over its opposition to the Vietnam War – and opened the door for the rise of the modern Religious Right.

  • The Mother of All Demos

    In 1968 computers were the size of a room. But after the founding of Intel and the introduction of the mouse that year they would eventually fit in a pocket – and change the Silicon Valley forever.

  • Detroit is Burning

    In 1967, race riots nearly tore Detroit apart. The next year, the Kerner Commission, appointed by president Lyndon Johnson, placed the blame on the way the police and had handled the response. Two Detroiters discuss the impact on their childhoods.

  • An Interracial Kiss – on Another Planet

    In 1968, the idea of romance between the races was still a controversial proposition. That made it all the more revolutionary when an episode of Star Trek featured a kiss between black and white characters, the first interracial kiss on American TV.

  • Fear of a Non-Nuclear Family

    In 1968 the idea of the ideal American family was the father as breadwinner, stay-at-home mom, two kids and a white picket fence. But the women's movement and other forces were beginning to change this – and inspire a conservative backlash that persists to this day.

  • Revolution Starts on Campus

    50 years ago, students rose up against authoritarian governments, racial inequality and, most passionately, the war in Vietnam.

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